Oh it’s the start of something new..

Anyone else just break into High School Musical reading the title? No, just me? Awkward.

So here it is, my first post! Arghh, what a huge ball of excitement and anxiety all rolled into one! The importance of peoples opinions make such an impact in peoples lives, it used to in mine. I’m over that now, If people choose to be rude that’s their choice. I came across a quote yesterday that really set this theory in stone for me – It was one of those you know you’ll refer back to alot in life.

The secret to being happy is simply being nice

That’s pretty spot on in my eyes, who wants to waste their time entertaining unimportant peoples unnecessary comments or opinions? No time, sorry! Lets face it, if they are important they ain’t very supportive towards you as a person trying to achieve your dreams are they? Its surprising how many people you find just exist in your life, with no meaning, like at all apart from to put you down. People who love and care for you push you to become a better person, celebrate your success and are there for you throughout minor or major events in your life.


I noticed my now upline on Instagram, always posting motivational quotes, nice clothes, brand new car and always just seemed to be wearing a smile. I guess I didn’t know if it was a genuine smile as there was never any depressing posts so how would you tell? She clearly worked for herself or had a side business that gave her a pretty nice second income. So, after reading The Secret a few hours before and clearly on a high from all the motivational quotes and real life experiences, I thought I’d message her and see what she did, because obviously I could do it too! < Confidence is key with the secret. Just saying, before you start thinking I’m abit of too sure of myself I probably am! So when I’m laying on a beach in Bora Bora working from my phone I hope you do the same and message me then we can get you started too!

Anyway, here I am. Learning about the business and products from my brilliant mentor and starting a new journey. I’m still yet to receive my first customer, but I know they are out there..Hi! I’m still very new to it all and finding my feet with regards to time management and marketing but i’ll get there soon enough and I cant wait until its all second nature.